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Livescans are ether walk-ins or by appointment.
If you wish to make an appointment please call (530 233-4416 and ask to speak the the Livescan department.

All applicants must have a completed Request for Live Scan Service Form to present to the live scan operator before they can be fingerprinted. PLEASE ensure all of your agency’s information (I.e., Agency, ORI, Mailing Address, Mail Code, Misc No. BIL – , etc.) is accurately entered onto the form which you provide the live scan atendent. Any erroneous information submitted may cause delays or result in the applicant having to be fingerprinted again.

When the applicant comes in for their scan they will need to bring their Request for Live Scan Service Form from the requesting agency, and a picture identification card, expired identification cards will not be accepted.

On the application there will be a place to put in a Misc No. BIL – if the agency does not have a number filled in the applicant must pay. If there is a Misc No. BIL – , the Department of justice will bill that agency, and we will collect $15.00 for the rolling fee. In some cases the agency will pay for the rolling fee. If that is the case we will need to have a written statement from the agency guaranteeing payment. If the applicant does not have a written statement they will be requested to pay the fee at the time of service. Only checks or cash are accepted for payment, cash must be the exact amount as we do not have change. After checking the paperwork for accuracy and the applicants identification card we will procced with getting the fingerprints.

Eighty percent of the electronically submitted fingerprint checks are completed within three business days. While most applicant agencies should receive results of background checks electronically from the California DOJ, some must receive reports by US mail in a process that can take a minimum of seven days.

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