The Modoc County Dispatch Center is the heart of the Sheriff’s Office communications. The dispatcher is responsible for answering all phone lines into the Sheriff’s Office which includes six (6) 911, Administrative lines, and two (2) Next Generation 911 lines. Modoc County Sheriff’s Dispatchers currently dispatch for over 23 public service entities ranging from fire, medical, law enforcement, and other public and private agencies.

Modoc County’s population is approximately 9,500 within 4,200 square miles of wilderness and townships and the dispatch center is the first point where the emergency call comes in. Dispatchers coordinate the movements and resources needed in any incident whether it is an emergency or non-emergency.

Next Generation 911

Ever wonder how 911 works with cell phones?

Cell phoneThis new system of 911 is called Next Generation 911 or (Next Gen 911), when you dial 911 from a cell phone, the phone should trigger its GPS feature and send coordinates of your location to the cell tower, this data is then processed and routed to the appropriate dispatch center. In the event you are on a highway and make a 911 call, that call will be sent to the nearest CHP (California Highway Patrol) office; however, if you are at home that call will be sent to Modoc County Dispatch Center. Once a dispatch receives an emergency call, the data is received and your location is updated. The future of the Modoc Dispatch Center is to be able to receive and respond to all manners of 911 from different sources; such as text messages sent to 911.

Older phones can have their GPS turned ON or OFF. If this feature has been turned OFF there could be delays getting responders to you. If you don’t know how to activate this feature, please contact your service provider for assistance.