Patrol Unit

Sheriff BadgePatrol is the most visible element of the Modoc County Sheriff's Office and is responsible for providing law enforcement and crime prevention services to the residents of the entire unincorporated area of Modoc County.

There are approximately 13 deputies assigned to our Patrol unit. We patrol 4,200 square miles of land, including approximately 13 townships, all of Modoc Counties waterways and recreation areas including 2,688,000 acres of Public lands, Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall 24/7/365. Approximately 9,500 people live in Modoc County.

Deputy Sheriffs work an assigned shift, patrolling an assigned area performing law enforcement and crime prevention work. This includes serving criminal and civil warrants, making arrests, issuing citations and conducting preliminary and extensive criminal investigations. Other duties include the serving of civil process, Deputy Coroner and occasionally Court and Jail Security.

Deputies assigned to the Patrol operate out of the main office located in Alturas as well as three remote resident posts.

We are proud of our Patrol unit and the high standard of professional service it provides to the residents of Modoc County.