Modoc County Jail is a detention facility that is part of the Sheriff's Office. The jail houses both adult females and adult male inmates with a total capacity of 48 beds. Inmates are ether sentenced or unsentenced; ranging from misdemeanors to felonies. Modoc County Jail is on average 55% - 65% full. Correctional staff supervise and care for inmates in the jail by providing for their safety, security, and basic needs.


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The telephone system will not connect to caller ID blocked numbers or cell phones. Phone/calling cards will not work with the phone system; all phone calls will be billed collect or funds can be placed on account by calling or using the web link. Inmate access to phones may be denied at anytime if it is deemed a safety issue for jail staff.

Use of the phone is a privilege not a right. Jail staff can deny phone use if it is deemed appropriate for the situation. Phones are not operated or maintained by jail staff.

Please do not call the jail staff and ask them to deliver messages to inmates in custody. Due to inmate privacy, all messages between inmates and family/friends must be done via the mail or inmate phones.


When sending mail to an inmate at the Modoc County Jail please make sure that all envolpes are addressed with informatin below.

Inmate Name
c/o Modoc County Jail
102 South Court Street
Alturas, CA 96101

There is no limit to the volume of mail an imate may send or receive and there is no restrictions to the number of pages or to the amount of writing on either side of the paper. The only things accepted in the mail are:

  1. The paper the correspondence is written on the envelope 
  2. Money orders for the inmate commissary.
  3. Photographs - No more than three 
  4. No Polaroid
  5. No photos larger than 3 1/2" X 5"
  6. Photos must not be pornographic in nature.
  7. Newspapers, magazines, books, etc. will be accepted only if the newspaper, magazines, books, etc. are mailed directly from the publisher.
  8. No hard cover books will be accepted.

NOTE: All incoming and outgoing correspondence will be checked for contraband as a matter of jail security.